Indianapolis Tile & Grout Cleaning


06Over time soil builds up in the grout lines surrounding your tile. This soil begins to draw more and more attention the the grout lines instead of the tiles! Our high pressure tile & grout cleaning system removes the buildup of soil that is in the pores of your grout lines, with amazing results! When you have your tile and Grout cleaned by Sani-Bright rest assured your are receiving the most professional Tile, Stone, and Grout cleaning in Indianapolis.



1 Protect Home & Furnishings
We walk through you home to take visual inspection of your tile & grout. We will then put down walk-Off mats and corner guards to protect your home and entryways from tracking / potential damage from hoses and other cleaning equipment. We will also listen to any concerns you may have.

2 Furniture Movingtile1
Our premium pricing includes moving sofas, chairs, tables and smaller items. Beds, dressers, and heavier pieces cost extra to move. Our Standard pricing includes moving tables, side chairs. Our client service agents can help you with this process.

3 Pre-Treatment With Detergent
Pre-treatment allows detergent more time to work. It is much like pre-soaking dishes… and gets floor surfaces much cleaner than extraction alone.

4 Pressure Wash & Neutralizetile2
Rinses soil and detergent from difficult-to-reach cracks and removes soil buildup leaving floors fresh and clean.

5 Extract Edges
Leaves no sticky residue, much like rinsing hair. It also rinses soil and detergent from corners and cracks, nicely finishing rooms.

6 Speed-Drytile3
Powerful air movers speed the drying process ensuring your floor is left dry,
spotless, and clean.

7 Apply Sealer & Finish
Top-quality sealers and impregnators are used to make certain your grout repels stains for years to come.

8 Wipe Baseboardstile5
Finishes room, removes spots and overspray.

9 Post Cleaning Inspection
Your technician then walks through your home with you to point out the cleaning results. Our goal is that you’re pleased with your investment and cleaning results.


Give Sani-Bright a call and let our certified technicians clean your tile and grout 317-334-1900.


tile-before-and-after-1  tile-before-and-after-2