How To Maintain Your Hard Surfaces

Using this system you’ll never smear dirty mop water around or leave a soil attracting film behind.  Grout lines will stay cleaner MUCH longer as well.

First you will need to pickup a gallon of Squeaky Clean Concentrate (buy it on Amazon). Used properly it will leave no residue, it will not deplete penetrative sealers or urethane finishes used on stone,grout, and hardwood, and for about $25 you’ll get 20 ready to use quarts of solution!! Squeaky is diluted 1:4 with water (1 part Squeaky to 4 parts water). Great for Granite counter tops too as it wont deplete the sealer and other hard to clean wood/stone surfaces in the home (banisters, coffee tables, etc.).

You will need a flat mop and microfiber mop heads (see links below for low priced options online), buy one or two and some spare mop heads (3-6).  For more intensive cleaning (monthly or quarterly) you’ll need a bucket or utility sink with Squeaky mixed 1:4 to soak your clean mop heads in to disperse the Squeaky. For daily or weekly cleaning a trigger sprayer with Squeaky will be all you need, spray down 5-15 sf and mop the solution around with the flat mop.

Always vacuum the hard surface (or sweep, dust mop, etc.) before starting any wet cleaning! Start at the far end of the room and work your way out, Check the mop head often and when it starts to show soil, toss it into your washing machine and replace with a clean head. You should be able to clean 50 to 200 feet before needing to swap out depending on soil level.

When it comes to mop head selection the type with aggressive strips are best for wet cleaning, the type with a loop style fringe around the head are ideal for dust mopping before you wet clean or just for daily “sweeping” in dusty areas.

You’ll be very pleased with how quick and easy it is to clean all your hard surfaces , and you’ll be amazed at how much longer your floors stay cleaned compared to any other method or product.

You can also buy the mop and heads online (for a fraction of the price of big box retailers!):

Flat Mop

Aggressive Mop Heads (for cleaning honed or rough surface stone, all tile, hardwood, engineered wood, and vinyl floors. The “scrub strips ” work wonders at dislodging soil)

General Mop Heads (For highly polished marble or delicate (rustic/unfinished) wood floors you may not want to aggressiveness of the scrub strips so buy these)

Dust Mop Head (for dry dusting before wet cleaning, great for pet hair and dust control!)